Zynq FPGA based AI Smart Conference Camera

Client Requirement

Hardware proto framework development of next-generation AI Smart conference camera based on Xilinx Zynq FPGA that recognizes the face and audio of conference participants and also removes background noise.

Our Work

Our work is to develop complete hardware framework with multiple cameras and multiple audio sensors in place and required IPs integrated and brought up. Client used the framework and deployed his AI audio and video algorithms.

Hardware Design

HW System architecture, design, test and bring up, including:

  • Vivado HW system architecture with ARM PS and PL design
  • Bring up of DDR4, Ethernet, CSI2, I2S controllers
  • High-density PCB design
  • Board bring-up and functional testing
  • EMI/EMC tests for international compliances
Software Design

Software architecture, design, test, and integration, including:

  • Firmware development
  • Linux UDP Socket development
Technology Used
  • ARM
  • Zynq Xilinx FPGA
  • DDR4
  • I2C
  • Ethernet 1Gbps
  • Linux UDP Socket

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