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Overview of Internship Program

Headquartered in Bangalore, and having R&D Centers in Singapore, Hyderabad and Kochi – SIONSemi is a fast growing Product design services company helping various Global customers in cutting edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Autonomous Driving, High Performance Computing and Data analytics.

We are looking for passionate fresh (or) pursuing graduates to join us as interns and take part on various such cutting edge client project developments. Interns will be given unique opportunity to work on these projects with our core development team which enables them to apply their theoritical knowledge to real project issues.

What really stands out in our internships is the quality of work coupled with great learning opportunities and our amazing team culture.

How is our Internship different?

All global biggies mostly deploy interns on basic automation project works without any proper training, where interns may not really get any useful technical knowledge out of it, except monthly stipend

Most of the training centers offering internship programs are training programs, but not actual project assignments.

In contrast to global biggies and standard training centers, we tailored internship program in such a way that interns get maximum benefit, and we provide systematic fast-paced induction training to interns during initial months so that they get all required practical knowledge and then deploy them on inhouse client project developments.

Current Internship Opportunities

# Bangalore Hyderabad Singapore Kuala Lumpur San Jose
SOC Verification 25 20 20 20 20
FPGA Design 20 15 15 15 15
Firmware Development 20 15 15 15 15
Linux Drivers 20 15 15 15 15

All the best performing interns will be either absorbed for our internal full-time positions (or) will be given references at various client locations for suitable positions

What to expect @ internship

  • Successful applicants will be given FULLY / PARTIALLY sponsored rigorous industrial training in the respected field of interest. Eventually, after the training, given opportunity to work on in-house product developments for rest of the period.
  • Our infrastructure is designed with unique integration of development and learning areas. This excellent practical environment will allow interns to interact with development teams easily and gain exponential learning to acquire cutting edge practical skills.
  • By the end of the internship period, high performing interns will be absorbed onto SION Semiconductors (P) Ltd for internal requirements (OR) else will be given assistance to secure a job in Semiconductor industry.
  • During the internship period, interns are expected to spend full-time at the office premises, unless they have academic classwork.
  • Since company is providing hands-on (partial/full) sponsored industrial training to the interns, no stipend will be given during the internship period.
Interns enrolled during 2021-22
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