BSP and Driver Development Services

At SION, we have an expert team that can serve clients on selecting the right operating system, as it is extremely important to meet the functional requirements and overall performance of the system. We consider various factors such as maximum operating frequency, processor capability, memory, power requirements and time to market.

Our BSP team can support on Operating systems like:

  • Linux (For OMAP3530, LPC3520, AM3517, S3C2410)
  • Android (For OMAP4460, i.MX51, i.MX53, DM3730, PXA270, Samsung S5PV210, etc.,)
  • Windows (For PXA255, PXA270, OMAP3430)
  • RTOS / FreeRTOS (Microchip PIC32, LPC1768 etc.,)

Our team expertise in Device Driver Development, on the following:

  • Microcontrollers / Processors
    • STMicroelectronics
    • Intel Xeon Processors
    • ARM
    • PIC Microcontrollers
  • High-speed bus driver development for:
    • PCIe
    • Ethernet
    • USB
    • Interfacings with various FPGAs
    • Xilinx FPGA’s (6,7 Series, Ultrascsale, Ultrascale+, etc.,)
    • Intel (Formally Altera) FPGAs
    • Microchip / Microsemi FPGAs
  • Serial Bus driver development
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • UART
  • Display Drivers for:
    • Character LCD
    • Graphics LCD
    • TFT LCD
  • Sensor Device Drivers for:
    • MEMS: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer
    • Safety & Security: Smoke, Motion, Fire, Temperature & RFID
    • Industrial: Sensors, RPM, Data Loggers
  • Storage
  • Wireless Device Drivers for:
    • WiFi
    • GSM/GPRS
    • GPS
    • Zigbee
    • Bluetooth

At a Glance


Case Studies

ProAthlet IOT Tracker

Turnkey product development of low power battery operated Cloud-based wearable 4G IOT tracking device coupled with iOS and Android apps.

AI Camera FPGA Prototype

Xilinx Zynq FPGA based prototype of next-generation AI Smart conference camera that recognizes face and audio of conference participants.

ARM SoC Integration

IOT communication based Cortex M4 ARM SoC integration, Peripheral verification, FPGA Prototyping and firmware development.

100G Ethernet Verification

Functional verification of 100G Ethernet pipeline IP, meant to be used for various network acceleration and connectivity applications.